Coding Culture In India

Coding Culture In India



A bit of preview, a lot of awareness has happened in the past 3-4 years about coding in India. Is it in a positive direction or a negative direction?

Engineering Culture (CSE)

Engineering is always about learning concepts and implementing concepts in real-life situations. For a CSE Student, it is important to work on innovative projects. But Undergrads are doing some sets of 200 problems and cracking companies, I am not saying it is a bad thing but the problem is that they are just mugging up the questions and solutions, not the essence of the concepts of doing the questions.


And they go to the company, they're having a problem implementing it in real life company problems. And here come in my mind CP culture in India, people just want to increase there ratings at any cost, just to add it in there cv and to get short listed and here also is not problem, everyone wants to get shortlisted but CP means running your mind to solve a problem in limited time which eventually open your mind for solving the bigger problem. That's the AIM of Competitive Programming but people tries unfair means to increase there ratings which is very bad for the CP culture of India.


In conclusion I may say, one should go inside the concepts, for example if you are doing a problem you must go inside deeply about the concepts why you using that xyz algorithm.

You must enjoy coding and do freely what you want, don't get into that peer pressure. Always do that thing which excites you and always be explorer in life and explore new things, else life will be boring.

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